Redistricting Litigation: What Every Judge Should Know


Introduction (John Hardin Young)

1 min 33 sec

Part 1: The Redistricting Process (Trevor Potter)

12 min 16 sec

Part II: The Census and the Meaning of “Population” (J. Gerald Hebert)

20 min 58 sec

Part III: Redistricting Remedies (Jessica Amunson)

12 min 10 sec

W&M Election Law Society
Launches "State of Elections" Blog
The William & Mary Election Law Society (the student arm of the Election Law Program) launched a new blog focused on state election issues at

The mission of is to discuss laws and practices that govern our democracy. It aims to cover voting in all corners of America - the fifty states and the territories - and to shed light on the patchwork of law that organizes the expression of the opinion of our citizens. The purpose of this blog is not to advance any political agenda, candidate, or party, but rather to inform our readers and ourselves about election law and the people that make it happen. Reader contributions, particularly from states not yet covered, are welcome.
Check it out!

A View from the Trenches:
Advice for Judges Handling Election Related Lawsuits
from Experts Bob Bauer and Ben Ginsberg

Moderated by Dean Davison Douglas, Founding Director,
Election Law Program and Arthur B. Hanson Professor of Law